Our Relationship with Our Clients

We understand that the process of renovating, expanding or building a new home is a substantial endeavor. We strongly believe that the success of our designs relies on establishing strong client relationships. Because of this, our team is very attentive to your concerns throughout the planning, design and construction process. We enjoy guiding our clients through an active dialog to successively identify how you want to live and what we need to provide to support you.

Our office structure is one in which collaboration is central. Andrew Mann has a strong and diverse team of designers working together to meet your goals. We believe clear dialogue and respect lead to effective problem solving.

We also consider your contractor a vital team member, and we recommend working with one as early as possible. Our team will collaborate with your contractor to bridge the transition from design idea to constructed building holistically.  We remain involved in all of our projects through the completion of construction to make sure that your vision is fully realized.